Ross Dio, drops out from the Academy

Ross Dio is the second scholar to exit the Pinoy Dream Academy, after Chivas Malunda’s forced expulsion.

No, he didn’t have any health concerns like Chivas, but according to him, he can’t take the pressure inside the Academy anymore. He was missing his family too much and he did not want to be corrupted with all the bickering and backstabbing among the other scholars. Ross told teacher Monet that he has proved himself inside the Academy already and that he wanted out. He also feels that his ailing father outside needs him.

Teacher Monet tried to persuade Ross to stay, even resorting to reverse psychology at a certain point. He told the scholar that he should finish what he started inside the Academy because there are lots of other people who would have wanted to be in his position.

His best friend Jet, a probationary scholar, also broke down to other housemates, saying he also misses his family but he is working hard inside the Academy for them.

In the end, Ross still decided to leave. He was given an opportunity to talk to his father on the phone to relay his decision, but upon knowing the effort that his dad gave to get their neighbors to support him, he couldn’t tell him. He broke down on the phone afterwards. That afternoon, he was sent back to their home to Quezon City.

Ross’ voluntary exit does not suspend this week’s voting. The text lines are still open for probationary scholars, Ranjit “Jet” Singh and Michelle “Sheng” Belmonte. Not sure though, maybe they might let another scholar in?

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