Ross Dio, drops out from the Academy

Ross Dio is the second scholar to exit the Pinoy Dream Academy, after Chivas Malunda’s forced expulsion.

No, he didn’t have any health concerns like Chivas, but according to him, he can’t take the pressure inside the Academy anymore. He was missing his family too much and he did not want to be corrupted with all the bickering and backstabbing among the other scholars. Ross told teacher Monet that he has proved himself inside the Academy already and that he wanted out. He also feels that his ailing father outside needs him.

Teacher Monet tried to persuade Ross to stay, even resorting to reverse psychology at a certain point. He told the scholar that he should finish what he started inside the Academy because there are lots of other people who would have wanted to be in his position.

His best friend Jet, a probationary scholar, also broke down to other housemates, saying he also misses his family but he is working hard inside the Academy for them.

In the end, Ross still decided to leave. He was given an opportunity to talk to his father on the phone to relay his decision, but upon knowing the effort that his dad gave to get their neighbors to support him, he couldn’t tell him. He broke down on the phone afterwards. That afternoon, he was sent back to their home to Quezon City.

Ross’ voluntary exit does not suspend this week’s voting. The text lines are still open for probationary scholars, Ranjit “Jet” Singh and Michelle “Sheng” Belmonte. Not sure though, maybe they might let another scholar in?

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Second set of Probationary Students sa Pinoy Dream Academy

Pagkatapos maligtas ni Iñaki at Laarni sa expulsion dahil sa pag-labas ni Chivas, ay may bago nang set ng probationary students sa loob ng Pinoy Dream Academy.

Ang apat na scholars na nakakuha ng pinaka-mababang scores sa Second Gala Night ay sina:

Bea Muñoz- 5.03
Jet Singh – 5.00
Cris Pastor – 4.66
Sheng Belmonte – 4.36

Si Bea ang piniling iligtas ng mga Dream Mentors. Pagkatapos nito ay pinaboto ang nga natirang scholars kung sino sa natitirang tatlong low scorers ang gusto nilang ma-expel sa Academy at sa tingin nila ay dapat manatili under probation.

Isa-isang ipinakita ng bawat scholar ang kanilang mga binoto. Si Jet ang may pinakamaraming bilang na 10 votes at si Sheng ay nakatanggap ng 2 votes. Si Cris ay walang natanggap na boto.

Kayo, sino ang mas gusto nyong iligtas at tuloy-tuloy na panoorin sa loob ng Academy, si Jet o si Sheng?

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Chivas, expelled from the Pinoy Dream Academy

Chivas Malunda, was expelled from the Academy today due to health concerns.

The forced expulsion was brought about by several hyperventilation attacks. During the first incident, Chivas fainted and was brought to the hospital for observation. Initial diagnosis of his condition was hyperventilation syndrome, supposedly caused by stress inside the academy. This confinement, happened before the First Gala Night of PDA Season 2, brought added pressure to both Chivas and wife, Bunny.

Fortunately, both of them were able to perform during the gala night. Chivas was praised for being able to deliver a great performance even after the what he had gone through.

The day after, he experienced a terrible migraine, prompting the Academy to send him again to the hospital.

Last night, while discussing about their project, Chivas was telling Bunny that he was feeling strange. While excusing themselves from their org, Chivas suddenly fell down unconscious on the floor. When the health marshalls arrived, he already regained consciousness and was breathing through a paper bag. This incident was the final blow.

For his own well-being, the Academy decided it was best for Chivas to leave the Academy. It was headmaster Ryan Cayabyab who announced his expulsion. His wife, Bunny, will stay inside the Academy as a scholar.

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Teacher Monet is an in-house Pinoy Dream Academy mentor

Monet Silvestre has been part of PDA season 1. He was often seen in the piano room before whenever the scholars practiced their songs for gala nights.

Now, Teacher Monet faces a new challenge as a PDA mentor, leaving his family outside and living inside the Academy with the scholars. He will be an in-house mentor as well as a guardian for the scholars.

Let’s see how things will change inside the academy with this new improvement.

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Jet Singh, the 16th scholar of Pinoy Dream Academy

After a day of text voting, the audience chose Ranjit “Jet” Singh, the videojock from Rizal, to join the 15 scholars already inside the Academy.

It was a great Fathers’ Day gift for Jet, a young father who has tried his luck in several contests before trying for PDA. He was so relieved when headmaster Ryan Cayabyab announced that he was the last PDA scholar, besting the other wait-listers. Crying as he said goodbye to his mom and son, Jet enters the academy with the hope of making it good to save his family from the financial crisis they are facing.

Will Jet become the next Grand Star Dreamer?

Breakdown of audience text votes:

Jet Singh – 51.70%
Lambert Reyes – 20.16%
Poy Palma – 17.46%
Banig Redoblado – 10.68%

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4 Dreamers on Wait-List

As the supposed 16th scholar backed out from the competition, the mentors chose 4 dreamers to put on wait-list:

1. Hera “Banig” Redoblado,21 from Davao – “The Fighting Davaoeña”
2. Ranjit “Jet” Singh, 25 from Rizal – “The Videojock”
3. Catherine “Poy” Palma, 22 from Zamboanga – “The Obedient Daugther”
4. Lamberto “Lambert” Reyes, 23 from Bulacan – “The Singing Engineer”

It will be the viewers who will decide who among these four will enter the Academy. The dreamer with the most text votes by tomorrow’s live show will continue their dream of becoming a scholar.

To vote text

PDA <Dreamer>


to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless Landline
and 231 for Smart and Talk N Text

Wait-listed dreamers who don’t get voted inside the academy can still enter if any scholar should drop-off.

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15 New Scholars enter the Pinoy Dream Academy

The opening night of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 kicked off a few hours ago at the PDA Concert Hall. From the 24 shortlisted dreamers, the dream team chose 15 scholars that will train inside the Pinoy Dream Academy:

1. Hansen “Sen” Nichols, 23 from Taguig City – “The Cancer Survivor”
2. Michelle “Sheng” Belmonte, 25 from Quezon City – “The Stand-up Comic”
3. Jay “Bugoy” Bogayan, 18 from Camarines Sur – “The Father’s Son”
4. “Van” Louelle Pojas, 18 from Cebu – “The Young Heartthrob”
5. “Jun” Ross Dio, 25 from Quezon City – “The Stylist’s Son”
6. Cristina “Cris” Pastor, 21 from Parañaque City – “The Singing Interior Designer”
7. Miguel Mendoza, 18 from Muntinlupa – “The Romantic Crooner”
8. Beatrice “Bea” Muñoz, 18 from Muntinlupa – “The Sweet Chanteusse”
9. “Chivas” Anton Malunda, 22 from Negros Oriental – “The Student Husband”
10. Maria “Liezel” Garcia, 23 from Dubai – “Pride of Puerto Galera”
11. “Apple” Abarquez, 18 from Cebu – “Different Couple’s Daughter”
12. Christian Alvear, 25 from Taguig City – “Small Boy Wonder”
13. Jovannie “Bunny” Malunda, 22 from Negros Oriental – “The Teacher Wife”
14. Rafael Ignacio “Iñaki” Ting, 18 from Pasig – “The Stage Performer”
15. Laarni Losala, 22 from Sultan Kudarat – “The Independent Woman”

A surprise of the night is that there was supposed to be a 16th scholar. But because she backed out, the mentors chose 4 wait-listed dreamers. Viewers will vote via text which of these four dreamers they want as the 16th scholar of PDA Season 2.

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Billy Crawford, Pinoy Dream Academy’s New Host

In spite of the controversy it stirred, Billy Crawford is the newest host of PDA Season 2, joining Season 1 hosts, Toni Gonzaga and Nikki Gil.

Toni Gonzaga, Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil

Even with his former tatay-tatayan, German Moreno, feeling betrayed with his career move, no one stopped him from making the decision to be a Kapamilya, joining the PDA and ASAP’08 family. When asked to comment about what his former mentor in That’s Entertainment said about his loyalty, Billy answered that he is loyal to his craft, and that his respect for the mentor will always remain.

Will he do better than Sam Milby did in hosting PDA? Will he be able to prove that he made the right choice, especially since this broke Kuya Germ’s heart?

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Ryan Cayabyab, PDA’s New Headmaster

Maestro Ryan Cayabyab, a well-known music authority in the Philippines, is the newest headmaster of the Pinoy Dream Academy.

Mr. C, as he is fondly called, replaced Jim Paredes, as head of the Academy for it’s second season. He was a former judge for Philippine Idol, aired in ABC-5, which was a direct competitor of PDA in the reality-based talent show category. It was producer Lauren Dyogi who invited Mr. C to join the show, and he didn’t turn Dyogi down.

Unlike other talent shows, where judges just critique the performance of contestants, the Pinoy Dream Academy judges will play an active role in honing and correcting vocal techniques and performance styles of the 15 chosen scholars. The new headmaster, together with voice and media performance mentors–Monet Silvestre and Jose Javier Reyes, and over-all voice mentor–Kitchy Molina will work together in molding not only the next Grand Star Dreamer, but future performers of the Philippine music industry.

Tune in to Pinoy Dream Academy at ABS-CBN to see how Ryan Cayabyab and the PDA mentors will help transform this season’s newest scholars.

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Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2: The Dream BIGins!

After the success of Pinoy Dream Academy Season 1, the Philippines is now ready for a brand new season.

A new headmaster, a new host, new teachers and lessons, and of course new dreamers.

From as much as 10,000 hopefuls who auditioned all around the Philippines, and some parts of the world, 32 dreamers were chosen. These 32 will undergo a final audition in front of the new headmaster, Ryan Cayabyab and the other PDA mentors, Joey Reyes, Kitchy Molina and Monet Silvestre, and will be trimmed down to the final 15 scholars who will enter the Pinoy Dream Academy for further vocal and performance training.

PDA paved the way for the success of Yeng Constantino, season one’s Grand Star Dreamer. Now she has two albums under Star Records, Salamat and Journey. Other co-scholars, like Jay-ar Siaboc, and Ronnie Liang, to name a few, have also continued their dream outside the Academy, and is now busy not just with singing, but with their acting careers as well.

This season, let’s follow the new scholars in their journey inside the prestigious Academy to become the next Grand Star Dreamer.

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